Become a Board Member

Board-of-Directors-SilhouetteSo you would like to give time to the community but don’t have the ability to commit to a weekly schedule? Then maybe being a board member is something you should consider.

Right now, you may be creating the image of a suited up person with wads of money, sitting round a table in an atmosphere oozing with formality. Relax; this is not the image we project. Instead you will be meeting with like minded people who believe in a cause and want to make a difference. You will be talking with people who share ideas and decisions, forward planning and funding matters. You will be relating to people who draw from their life experiences, work skills, personal contacts and interests. You will be the one that has something to contribute and bring new ideas and notions to PUSH!

The commitment that we need from you is to attend 10 meetings a year, with advance notice of dates. No financial responsibilities. An interest in Learning Disabilities and the need for inclusion. Time and effort to produce positive results.

Still can’t? Maybe you know someone who can!

For further information email or contact the office.